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Free Spiritual Warfare Online Training

Are you tired of being beat up by the enemy? Learn how to biblically wage warfare & be victorious in Jesus name.


Self Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare Training

Feeling Hopeless? Feel Depressed? Feel Anxious? Need Emotional Healing? Are you dealing with demonic oppression? Get biblical help!

  • Online Training includes:

  • Over 3 Hours of Spiritual Warfare Training

  • Introduction to Self Inner Healing

  • What is Inner Healing & why its needed

  • Believing Jesus will heal you & exercising your faith

  • Events that trigger us & what to look for

  • Self Inner Healing Training (with examples of others doing self inner healing)

  • Additional Spiritual Warfare Training

  • Self Deliverance Holy Spirit Led (with examples of others doing self deliverance)

  • Self Deliverance working with Demons (with examples of others doing self deliverance)

  • Once a month Free Group Webinar for Self Deliverance & Inner Healing for ongoing training

  • Downloadable teaching notes in PDF format (Self Inner Healing & Self Deliverance with step by step instructions)

Are you tired of being beat up by the enemy? Learn how to biblically wage warfare & be victorious in Jesus name. Complete Healing For Your Mind, Body & Soul!

Are you ready to take control of your life and find freedom from demonic oppression? Our training is here to help. Broken up into 7 video lessons, our training covers everything you need to know about self inner healing and deliverance. We'll dive into the details of how to do self inner healing, what to look for, and how to identify triggers, as well as provide an in-depth overview and step-by-step examples of self deliverance. With over 3 hours of spiritual warfare training, you'll have all the tools you need to gain victory over the enemy and find healing and restoration in Jesus' name.

This training has already helped over 70,000 people find freedom, and we are committed to supporting you on your journey to healing. As a bonus, we offer a free group webinar for self deliverance and inner healing each month to provide ongoing training and support. Sign up now to get started on your journey towards transformation.

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Work with experienced Pastors who has a heart for the broken-hearted & specializes in Deliverance, Inner Healing,  Pastoral Counseling and Accessing the Mercy Court of Heaven.

We are a Full-Time Counseling Ministry dedicated to helping the hurting receive healing and hope.

To get started with a personal session for deliverance, inner healing, pastoral counseling or accessing the Mercy Court of Heaven please set up a consultation with Pastor Timothy or one of our staff pastors. After your consultation and if you fill led to move forward you will be sent a questionnaire as well as a video to help prepare you for your session with Pastor Timothy. Pastor Timothy and his staff personally pray over you and your freedom from Satan's bondage as well as wisdom from the Holy Spirit to bring freedom and restoration. Your one-on-one with Pastor Timothy can be through Zoom.


Healing The Brokenhearted Pastors practice in the state of Oregon as an alternative non-licensed therapist under Oregon Regulatory Statute 675.825(4). We’ve chosen this style of practice because we believe it's the best fit for our ministry to teach to provide a Biblical solid foundation of support.


Don’t delay, Don’t wait, Get help today!

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